We service both corporate and private functions - and we know the difference!


Marilyn Mendelsohn

"The food yesterday was great as usual and the service was fantastic.

Please pass our thanks onto Roland and the team at The Culinary.”


All the best

Marilyn Mendelsohn
Publicity Assistant



We service both corporate and private functions - and we know the difference! We understand that a private function is by no means easier or less important than a corporate function - but generally the emphasis is different.

When you are entertaining your friends or family at home you want to rest assured that all of your guests are attended to whilst you also enjoy the occasion - and that is what we ensure in every way we can.

At any event it is our aim to ensure that our client’s expectations are met. Whatever it is, you need wait staff that can rise to the occasion, create a stress free environment, understand your requirements and be friendly and helpful at all times.

We supply staff who are presentable, and sensitive to the character of any event with an understanding of the variety of cultures and protocol.


Corporate functions are generally different from private style events and parties.

Firstly if you are responsible for the organization of an event, you need to make sure there are no slip ups!

When it comes to boardroom service, meetings, breakouts, lunches or conferences - you expect the service staff to be flexible, professional, organized and above all resourceful ! It is therefore of utmost importance to use a service provider who is able to perform flawlessly and understand at a glance how your company arranges its corporate entertainment. The service staff must be able to adapt to any type of event and must be able to fall in line with the logistics behind any particular event.

Our team work - works for you!

Our emphasis on teams means that organization, punctuality and professionalism form an integral part of our staff's knowledge - put simply... they know what to do and when to do it!