Spit Braai

Spit Braai Caterers

Over and above event staff hire, we also offer a Spit Braai Catering service. Our passion for entertainment and delicious home style meals allow us to cook, prepare and enjoy the experience with our clients and guests.

Our culinary team will ensure perfectly cooked food accompanied by deliciously prepared side dishes and desserts. We will prepare, cook, carve, serve and clean up afterwards.

We Offer A Variety Of Spit Braai Menu Items

Starters – Please Choose (Minimum 30 People Per Option)

  • Cheese griller pieces served with a sweet mustard dip @ R 20 (p/p)
  • Dry Snacks: Bowl variety of biltong, drywors, pretzels, potato crisps @ R 25 (p/p)

Mains – Please Choose (Minimum 30 People Per Option)

  • Lamb on the Spit basted and spiced @ R 80 (p/p – per person)
  • Roast Beef on the spit basted and spiced @ R 85 (p/p)
  • Pork roast on the spit basted and spiced @ R 85 (p/p)

Side Items – Please choose (Minimum 30 People Per Option)

  • Traditional pap & sous @ R 15 (p/p)
  • Roast baby potatoes @ R 15 (p/p)
  • Garlic loaf @ R 15 (p/p)
  • Rolls & butter @ R15 (p/p)

Salads – Please choose (Minimum 30 People Per Option)

  • Green salad @ R 15 (p/p)
  • Spicy Chakalaka Salad @ R15 (p/p)
  • 3 Bean salad @ R 15 (p/p)
  • Creamy Coleslaw @ R 15 (p/p)
  • Juicy carrot & pineapple salad @ R 15 (p/p)
  • Potato Salad @ R15 (p/p)

Desserts – Please choose (Minimum 30 People Per Option)

  • Malva pudding with Custard @ R 25 (p/p)
  • Summer Fruit Skewers with a honey glaze drizzle @ R 25 (p/p)
  • Ice Cream – Flavours: Strawberry, Lime, Pink & Blue Bubblegum, Mint, Napoletana, Chocolate, Caramel, Rum & Raisin @ R 25 (p/p)
  • Middi sugar covered doughnuts @ R 25 (p/p)


  • An average size lamb weighing 20-23kg on the roast can feed 30 – 40 people.
  • A Whole Pig Roast & a Whole lamb cooks to perfection in 2-3 hours
  • We will provide serviettes, salt & pepper shakers, serving gear, shaving dishes and heating equipment as well as the spit braai.
  • We hire out – Cutlery, crockery, tables, chairs, tablecloths, overlays etc. as well as waiters, bartenders and cleaners.
  • Braai Chef & travel cost will be calculated according to the distance and size of the event.
  • 50% Deposit is required to confirm your booking at least 10 days prior to your event. No further changes to catering numbers, menu changes etc. will be accepted 5 days prior to the event. The balance of the payment needs to reflect in our bank account the day prior to the function.
  • All prices on the website are quoted excluding VAT


Contact us today by emailing info@blackapron.co.za for a quotation based on your specific requirements.